AR-15 AR GOLD TRIGGER | Police Store

Drop-In Fire Control System Gives Light, Smooth Pull

  • Self-contained trigger/assembly installs in minutes
  • Light 3-lb. pull and crisp release that doesn’t compromise reliability or safety
  • Smooth, two-stage pull profile lets shooter build force steadily, maintaining precise control and keeping his attention on the target
  • Ultra-short .03" reset aids in fast, accurate follow-up shots
  • For added safety, a second, independent sear blocks the hammer if it slips off the primary sear, as when the weapon is dropped or suffers hard impact
  • If safety sear captures the hammer, pulling the trigger will still fire the rifle
  • REDUCES TRIGGER PULL WEIGHT! Check department policies and/or get approval from department armorer/trainer before duty use

SPECS: Trigger/Hammer – S7 tool steel. Housing – Aluminum, anodized, black. Fits any Mil-Spec AR-15 with .154" trigger and hammer pins and without Colt-type sear block. Does not fit AR-style .308 rifles.