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To assist our nation’s heroes, to support our local communities and to protect our Second Amendment.


The Brownell Family Foundation was formed in 1973 by Frank R. Brownell, Chairman of Brownells, Inc. and Pete R. Brownell, CEO of Brownells, Inc. with the intent of following company founder Bob Brownell’s exemplary corporate citizenship.

Since 1973, the Brownell Family Foundation has assisted countless causes related to community betterment, law enforcement and military support, pro-Second Amendment activities and educational endeavors.


What types of charitable gifts does the Brownell Family Foundation offer?
• Cash grants for specific programs matching our giving priorities
• In-kind support

Am I eligible for a charitable gift from the Brownell Family Foundation?
•A valid non-profit tax identification number, 501(c)(3) other such non-profit organizations that focus on law enforcement or military support,  Second Amendment rights or extended educational opportunities is required for the application process and determined by Brownell Family Foundation at its sole discretion.
• Cash grants and in-kind support are available for non-profit organizations

Support for our Heroes:
Brownells, Inc. and the Brownell Family Foundation believe that all of us owe a debt of gratitude to our men and women in uniform – be it law enforcement or military – who risk their lives everyday on behalf of the freedom and safety of the American people. The foundation is happy to consider proposals from organizations that assist in any effort to make their jobs safer or their lives better.

Second Amendment:
Brownells, Inc. and the Brownell Family Foundation are committed to protecting and advancing the Second Amendment rights of the American people and encouraging our nation’s youth to become active in the outdoor lifestyle, to include the safe and responsible handling of firearms. The foundation will consider proposals from organizations working to accomplish this goal.

Brownells, Inc. and the Brownell Family Foundation strongly believe that gunsmiths are the heart of the Second Amendment. Their skilled hands and dedication to the industry are central to the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. As such, the foundation will consider proposals to advance the gunsmithing profession from teaching institutions, educators and students.

Education:Brownells, Inc. and the Brownell Family Foundation strongly believe that high-quality, real-world educational experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, are central to a vibrant, productive society. In that spirit, the Brownell Family Foundation considers from organizations who seek to provide advanced curricula or educational opportunities for students.


The Brownell Family Foundation seeks to support as many qualified organizations as possible. Therefore, the foundation may not always provide the entire amount requested by applicants; the foundation reserves the right to fund requests in part. Each application is evaluated with regard to industry and community impact and compliance with foundation giving guidelines.

The Brownell Family Foundation will evaluate grant applications on a quarterly basis. Yearly Application deadlines are as follows:
• March 1
• June 1
• September 1
• December 1

All applications received prior to the deadlines will be evaluated by our grant review committee, and award notifications will be sent to applicants three to four weeks after the deadlines. If an applicant misses the deadline, their application will be reviewed during the subsequent quarter.

The Brownell Family Foundation will not expedite requests to accommodate program or event deadlines. All applicants will be notified of the foundation’s decision in writing.



The Brownell Family Foundation sponsors organizations, projects and events in our industry and communities as part of our overall community relations strategy. We utilize sponsorships for branding opportunities, to reach Brownells, Inc. customers, to support non-profit organizations and to develop partnerships that foster positive community and industry impact. Sponsorship requests may be submitted at any time, however sponsorship decisions are typically made at least 90 days in advance.

Applicants cannot include:
• Individuals, including fundraisers on their behalf
• Athletic teams or individuals competing in sporting events with the exception of local community teams
• Organizations, groups or individuals fundraising on behalf of another organization
• Individual K-12 schools or affiliated PTO groups – requests must come directly from the school district
• Organizations seeking support for pageants, conventions, expos or conferences
• Events and or activities that do not match our corporate giving priorities: law enforcement/military support, Second Amendment rights, educations and our local community.