MAGPUL EMAG 10 Pack | Police Store

  • M16 variants, HK 416, FN SCAR, SA-80, Beretta ARX-160, IMI Tavor, and other .223/5.56mm weapons that use AR-type mags
  • Fits all pouches and couplers for USGI M16/M4 magazines
  • MagLevel window and bright orange indicator instantly show you ammo status
  • Crush-resistant polymer body and PMAG anti-tilt follower ensure reliable feeding
  • Flared floorplate for fast extraction from mag pouch; easy to remove for cleaning
  • Also accepts PMAG Ranger Floorplate, available separately
  • Snap-on top cover keeps out dirt, prevents feed lip stretching during long-term storage; also serves as a floorplate removal tool and feed lip gap gauge
  • Meets NATO STANAG 4179 compatibility requirements

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Cartridge: 223 Remington, 5.56 mm NATO

Capacity: 30-Round

Finish: Black