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The latest edition of our "Big Book," Master Catalog #72, continues to be our industry's most comprehensive source of gun parts, gunsmithing tools and supplies, accessories, and other firearm-related products. This year, 2019, is special for us because we're celebrating our company's 80th birthday. We are proud that the Big Book continues to be a benchmark for what's going on in the firearm industry

Our Retro Rifle™ line of early AR-15 and M16 replicas and parts has garnered much praise from the gun press and shooters alike. Now, there's an entire section in the catalog devoted to Retro Rifle™ parts! We've added complete, "plug-n-play" upper receivers that fit both our Retro lowers and mil-spec AR-15 lowers. Our BRN-180™ and BRN-180S™ uppers are not exactly "retro" but are totally modern, piston-operated uppers based on the AR-180 of the 1960s. All the moving parts are inside the receiver, so yes, folding stock fans, these are for you!

The wave of products for customizing modern pistols has, if anything, grown larger in the last year and you'll find plenty in Catalog #72: trigger upgrades, Polymer80 frames, enhanced sights, and our line of Brownells slides and Match-Grade Barrels for the Glock®, to name a few. Although geared toward DIY folks, these parts also provide great opportunities for the professional gunsmith to offer affordable custom services.

Likewise, the flood of aftermarket parts for the Ruger® 10/22® continues, with our line of BRN-22™ receivers at the forefront. Available in both Standard and Takedown configurations, these receivers accept any parts compatible with the 10/22®.

The Big Book’s focus is on the needs of folks who WORK on guns: pro gunsmiths, passionate gunnuts, and hands-on gun owners who like to tweak their own firearms. Products like ammo, optics, holsters, reloading, and range gear are left to this website. As always, our complete product line is available here on Brownells.com 24/7/365.

The easiest way to get a handle on the vast depth and breadth of our selection is to order your copy of Big Book #72 today. Simply add it to your cart by clicking the link or call us at 800-741-0015. Catalogs ship separately from other products and may take 2-4 weeks to arrive.

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SPECS: Catalogs ship separately and may take 2-4 weeks to arrive

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